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Your rights


Many people experience disadvantage and often don't know that in Germany everyone has the right to be protected from discrimination. To enable those affected to actively defend themselves, a law was passed in 2006 with the aim of preventing discrimination. This law is called the General Equal Treatment Act (AGG) and covers the following types of discrimination:

  • ethnicity
  • sex
  • religion and philosophy
  • disability
  • age
  • sexual orientation


The General Equal Treatment Act is applicable to both labour law and civil law. In labour law it can be applied to the following points, for example:

  • access to gainful employment (job advertisements, application procedures, interviews, selection criteria, conditions of employment)
  • the drafting of contracts (conditions of employment, working conditions, pay, additional benefits, social security benefits)
  • vocational training (retraining, education, further training)
  • matters relating to career advancement (promotion, redeployment or transfer, advice on education, further training and advanced training)
  • membership of a workers' association, union or professional association
  • termination of an employment contract and, for example, the company pension scheme

Civil law applies, for instance, to publicly offered services and goods. This can include accommodation, hotel rooms, supermarkets, the retail trade or catering.

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